4 Points to Consider Before Buying a Security Camera

There are numerous surveillance systems companies selling different types of cameras on the market. Before you make a decision on a particular camera for your home or office, the following factors should be considered:


It is important to consider your needs. The period of time for surveillance and the area to be covered will help you make a smart buying decision. There are different types of cameras for business and domestic use. Will the camera be used for indoor or outdoor surveillance? This is something to consider.


Ensure you note the resolution of the camera before buying it. You can note the resolution of the image produced by the camera by checking the number of TV lines in the picture. The greater the number of TV lines, the better the resolution of the security camera. The number of TV lines enhances image quality. There are usually 350 – 380 TV lines in regular security cameras. If you need a camera with a good resolution, consider buying a camera with 400 TV lines. Hikvision has cameras with 500 TV lines which mean more quality resolution.


It is worth considering the technology used in the camera. The technology employed in the camera is of large significance. Surveillance security cameras use two kinds of technology for producing images namely:

  • Charge Couple Device (CCD)
  • CMOS

The quality of the images is determined by the technology used. CMOS usually used in small and inexpensive cameras that produces poor quality images. A good camera makes use of CCD chips. This can be available in three sizes:  ½ inch, 1/3 inch, and ¼ inch. A Larger chip size produces a better result when it comes to image quality. The larger the size of the chip, the better the image quality.

  • LENS

The lenses used in cameras are very important to determine the image quality and the angle in which the images are viewed. There are two kinds of lenses used in cameras; the monofocal lens and varifocal lens. The Monofocal has its focal length to be a fixed type while the varifocal lens can alter the focal length as per your requirements. Auto and manual iris are used for fitting lenses, Auto iris is used to enable automatic adjustment in different light conditions. The lenses should be chosen depending on the usage of the security camera, especially when considering it for placement in a back door or related location.

If you carefully consider these features in a security camera, buying an outdoor security camera should be a breeze.

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