Ask These 3 Questions Before Collaborating With A Web Design Agency

Your business website is your virtual brand. It is at the center of all marketing and promotional activities. Most buyers and consumers are interested in knowing the brands that they use, and the website is the first thing that they check. Designing a business portal extends beyond selecting a theme and getting it customized. You need a web design agency that you can trust for experience, expertise, and insight. While you can always ask around and seek references, it is still important to ask the right questions. In this simple post, we have a questionnaire that will simplify the process of hiring.

  1. Can you showcase your experience?

Any web design company can claim great things about their work. You can only evaluate a service based on what they have done so far. When it comes to work experience, checking some of their recent projects and reviewing their portfolio are aspects that matter. Allow the company to convince your team that they are the best choice for the project. The range of work must be considered – A web design firm that has worked with big and small brands alike will be able to flex their services as per requirements. Also, don’t shy away from getting client references in your industry.

  1. What’s your work approach?

Steer clear of agencies that have a fixed price for every website. Chances are high that all their websites look and feel similar. Work approach is important because it gives a fair idea of how they collaborate with clients. They should be interested in your industry, business model, and other highlights related to branding that may have an influence on the website design.

  1. What’s your expertise?

Yii, WordPress, Magento, Ruby On Rails – There are endless platforms that can be considered for designing a website. The final choice depends on many factors, but a company should be able to cater to your website needs. Keep in mind that a good website is an investment for at least two years, before you consider redesigning again, and you need a company that can build robust, responsive, and customized portals, focusing on brand USPs.

Finally, do ask for an estimate. It is an absolute must when it comes to maintaining transparency in the deal. Check if the web design agency can also take care of the technical maintenance and website update requirements. You can assign website management to them, while your team focuses on the most important aspect – Core business operations.

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