Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency!

Every brand, regardless of the industry and other factors, needs to ensure online visibility. With digital marketing, it is actually possible to get things done in a small budget, and there are endless practices and strategies to choose from. If you want to hire a digital marketing agency Singapore, ask these questions before signing the contract.

  • Who are your clients? A marketing firm should always take pride in the work they do, and therefore, they should offer references and show their previous projects on request. Talk to the company directly to know the range of projects they have completed so far.
  • What’s your approach to every project? Online marketing is flexible, and the choice of strategies and techniques largely depend on the objectives of the client. Work with a company that’s interested in listening to your demand and expectations.
  • What are your areas of expertise? Apart from SEO, an online marketing firm should also specialize in paid marketing, online reputation management and social media marketing. The more experienced they are, the better. Finally, do ask them about their experience with local SEO and if they can focus on a specific geographical area, especially when you are a brand with a local clientele.

  • What’s your quote? Online marketing is extremely scalable, and therefore, the concerned agency should be able to offer an estimate for the job. You can expect to pay a monthly price, which will be inclusive of everything.
  • Will you offer reports? Entrepreneurs are always interested in results, and therefore, you need to know if the concerned agency can offer marketing reports, at least once in every month. These reports include numbers related to traffic and other important parameters, which helps in comparison.

Check online now to find a reliable SEO agency Singapore, and don’t forget to get an estimate.

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