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Check these 3 trends for Facebook advertising in Singapore!

Singapore has 4.2 million Facebook users, which is astounding. If you want to promote your local brand, you have to spend on Facebook advertising Singapore at some point. There are various trends that marketing experts have been recommending for Facebook, and here’s a look at the best ones.

  1. Video marketing. Videos are incredibly useful for advertising and promoting good content on Facebook, and most brands are spending on creating fresh, unique contents without being too promotional.
  2. Facebook Live. Another big brand is Facebook Live. If you already have considerable number of brand followers in on the platform, Facebook Live can be a great way to engage with them directly.
  3. Chatbots. While basic chatbots were conceptualized for better customer support, many brands are using them for effective Facebook advertising. Marketing team can rely on these chatbots for marketing from a distance.

Finally, you have to focus on the basics of data use. Knowing your target consumers will help in placing the right ads and using content. While paid Facebook advertising has many advantages, using content and genuine posts can benefit your brand’s overall value on social media. Check for an online marketing agency that can help in starting your campaign.

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