Check These Basic Aspects Of Windows 10 Product Keys

In less than 4 years of its launch, Windows 10 has become the go-to OS that Microsoft can be proud of. When Windows 8.1 released, there was considerable dislike for the version, and the software giant was forced to get back to the vibe that Windows is known for. Windows 10 was initially available as a Free update, but not anymore. As of now, every installed version and edition of Windows 10 must be activated, and that requires a product key. You can buy Windows 10 product key from Microsoft, but here are some more aspects worth knowing!

What exactly is the product key?

Product keys have been a standard feature for software activation, and Microsoft has been using keys for Windows for the longest time now. It is basically like a digital license to use the operating system. A product key is a confirmation that the user is using a legitimate version of Windows 10 and only on a single device. Buying a Windows 10 product key is not a choice anymore. Yes, you can download the OS, install it on your system, and can even start using it, but to use the full features, especially personalization features that Windows 10 offers, the product key is a must. It ensures that you have the full-suite for the version installed.

Buying a Windows 10 product key

Product keys for Windows 10 can be purchased from the official website of Microsoft, and there are many third-party vendors too who sell keys for a lower price. If you want to save some money, consider these vendors, but keep in mind that not all are same, so you may want to get a moneyback guarantee, in case the product key doesn’t work. Also, the product key for Windows 10 will only work for one system and for the version intended. For example, if you have installed Windows 10 Pro, you cannot buy a Home key to activate it. All Windows 10 product keys are unique. Note that this is just a onetime investment. Once Windows 10 has been activated, you don’t need to spend money on updates and other things. All the new features and updates will be offered by Microsoft for free and as and when available.

Check online now to find websites that sell Windows 10 product keys, and to use the key, you can check the “Update and Security” section in your system.

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