Cloud-computing – What Exactly Is It? Do you know the Benefits and drawbacks?

Everybody is speaking about this. So, what exactly is it?

Cloud-computing is basically, computing done on the internet without resorting to your personal local computing infrastructure. Cloud-computing is separated into three primary groups:

1. Software like a Service (SaaS)

2. Infrastructure like a Service (IaaS)

3. Platform like a Service (PaaS)

You might have labored to have an organisation which has implemented SAP or Oracle applications to their organisations in a huge expense – business interruptions, employment more staff, contractors and upgrading of existing facilities to look after the applications. Cloud-computing takes these kinds of applications and infrastructure and puts these questions shared data center. When you really need the applying, you just login and begin utilizing it.

Organisations offering “Clouding computing” services will frequently charge an easy monthly subscription to make use of these located applications. This alleviates many of the issues that generally has the implementation of corporate applications like SAP and Oracle.

The next lists a few of the benefits and drawbacks of “Cloud-computing”:


Simple to organise

Doesn’t need own sources to accommodate and manage

Monthly subscription


Depends on your network connection

Slower (generally)

More costly

Prone to Internet attacks, Spy ware, snooping etc…

Questions you should ask yourself before diving in to the “Cloud-computing” arena:

Can One justify the price of seeing a cloud-computing model?

Does it improve my company productivity? I.e. Staff productivity

How reliable is my Isp (ISP)?

Have i got a company grade Web connection having a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

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