Compelling Reasons To Consider Microsoft 365 Migration

Are you considering a Microsoft 365 migration for your organization or business but still unsure if it’s the right move? The growing trend towards moving away from the traditional legacy email environments to 365 Office is significantly changing how businesses work. In this post, Jones Professional Services Corporation shares the key benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 to help you make a well-informed decision.

Flexible Working

Convenience is one of the best things you want in your organization or business, and migrating to Microsoft 365 gives you the ultimate flexibility. It allows your staff members to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. This is because they can access organizational files even when out of the office without setting up VPNs. This saves time and hassle. Your employees only need an internet connection allowing flexible working and significant productivity.

Better still, you’ll always have a single data source because all your files are centrally located in a Microsoft data center. Therefore, if you make a change to a document at home, your colleagues in the office will see the most up-to-date document. This way, you eliminate the hassle of emailing different versions of the same document between each other.

Your Organization Remains Secure

Microsoft 365 migration is equipped with a range of security features. These features guarantee that your organization remains secure in the cloud. The system’s applications are accessed through unique encryption so that files or communications intercepted by anyone without authorization cannot be read. The system also conducts regular security audits to monitor suspicious activity continuously and have a reliable response protocol.

Instant Upgrades and Accessing New Features

Microsoft is committed to ensuring that your organization remains secure in the the cloud. By providing instant upgrades for Microsoft 365 solutions, you do not have to go through the endless hassle of manually updating your organization’s or business software. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that your network is not vulnerable to compromise. Further, you can receive new features as soon as they are launched. This way, your employees can utilize advanced technologies to improve their productivity.

Support for More Devices

Microsoft 365 migration is also beneficial in that it is supported on all modern systems. These include Mac computers, iPhone, Android mobile devices, and Windows computers. That means your employees can use the device of their choice, even a PC from home and still connect to key corporate tools and programs.

Flexible Business Scaling

With Microsoft Office 365, it will be easier to scale your company’s cloud usage and subscription to align with its growth. You also do not have to purchase additional servers or networking equipment whenever you bring new employees on board. Instead, your IT team will only adjust the Office 365 subscription plan to account for all users and the services they need.

To find out specifically how a Microsoft 365 migration could benefit your organization or business you need to consult with a professional team.  A team that specializes in migration services will provide custom Microsoft solutions to solve your unique organization/ business needs.

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