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Designing Tips For Novice Website Builders

When you’re new to the design world on the internet, you have to take the time to really understand what matters most.  

There are plenty of simple design templates from which to choose as a foundation of your design, but there’s more to a successful website than filling in the blanks on the first template you find.  

Take a little time right now to read a few simple tips on designing your first website, and start your site launch ahead of the pack.  

Dive into the concepts of SEO

You will need a thorough understanding of which design tricks work to help place your content at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for visibility reasons.  

If you want to be seen online (and you do), you want to learn all you can about the concepts of search engine optimization.   A website with top notch SEO integration will do more to connect you with the right web users.  

Offer plenty of communication opportunities

Your website should be a portal for communicating with your online audience.  When you’re building your design, think of how you might want to see communication elements on a page you are exploring.  

A contact page is a given for any business website, but take it further with other communication efforts.  Adding a simple contact form, an email signup, or even a simple phone number to your busiest pages can really give your site design a boost.  

Navigation should come naturally

Making it easy for users to discover all your business has to offer is a huge part of designing a winning website.  A simple stationary navigation bar, like this assisted living website shows, can make all the difference in a user’s engagement.  

It’s a lot easier to know where to go on a new website with a stationary navigation setup.  Don’t lose valuable connections with consumers due to a disheveled website design.  

Speedy loading is crucial 

Never sleep on your loading speeds when you’re working to design an excellent website.  Test and test again before you ever allow your design to go live.  

People won’t wait on your pages to load, so make sure they don’t have that issue.  Test the loading speeds of your site, and compress any large files to avoid unnecessary lag time.  

Use Google’s free tools

The free tools offered by Google to business owners are actually priceless.  Google gives designers all they need to optimize their web creations, and you want to be in on the gig.  Google Analytics is one of the most useful free tools offered.  It will help you collect data on the performance of your pages as you go.  

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