How AWS works and much more

The AWS cloud services is a cloud computing service offered by Amazon. Cloud computing is the online service delivery like software, databases, servers to the users. When cloud computing is used, storing the data on the local machines is not a requirement. It helps you in accessing the data from a remote server. At the same time, it is utilized to access and store data from anywhere in the globe.

What is Amazon web service?

The AWS is a platform online which provides cost-effective and scalable cloud computing solutions.  It is a broad cloud platform that is broadly accepted which provides a variety of operations that are on-demand such as database storage, compute power, content delivery, and much more in helping corporate to grow and at the same time scale.

How it works and the history of the AWS

  • AWS services were launched in 2002
  • The cloud products for AWS were launched in 2006
  • AWS had its initial customer event in 2012
  • AWS achieved about $4.6 billion in 2015
  • The $10 billion was surpassed in 2016 for revenue target
  • AWS snowmobile and AWS snowball got launched
  • The release of about 100 cloud services happened in 2019

The AWS applications

AWS is known to enable businesses in building various sophisticated applications. The organization of each industry and each size can be able to run every use case imaginable on AWS. The following are some of the applications which are common with the AWS:

Backup and storage

One main reason why so many businesses utilize AWS is that it can offer various storage types to pick from and it is accessible easily also. It can be utilized in storage and file indexing and to run critical business applications.


Businesses can host websites on the AWS cloud, which is the same as the applications on the web.


There are several powers for computing that require running gaming applications. AWS is known to make it easier in providing the best experience for online gaming throughout the world.

Web, mobile and social applications

It is a feature that separates AWS from the rest of the cloud service and it is capable of scaling and launching e-commerce, mobile, and SaaS applications. The code which is API-driven on the AWS can be in a position of enabling companies to build scalable applications which are uncompromising without the need for any OS and other systems.


Whether you are into a startup, are a technology giant, manufacturing food, or just retail organizations, there are a variety of companies throughout the world that are utilizing AWS in deploying, developing, and hosting applications.

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