Recharge, Radio and More, In Just 1Mb Storage!

Mobile applications are a part and parcel of our lives in this digital world. The online world we live in makes advancements every day to make our lives much easier and convenient when compared to earlier times. Gone are the days when everything was offline. Standing in queues to pay bills, going to a local shop for a simple recharge, or waiting in line at odd hours for a confirmed train ticket. The experts in the technology world are working every day to digitize each section of our daily lives. The pandemic has undoubtedly pushed us more toward a digital and cashless world. Businesses are working towards automating and digitizing most of their workflows. Startups which cater to the new normal are common now. Amidst this cashless revolution is one of the trusted players in the market: Airtel.

The company is working continuously to bring the digital revolution to each home and section of society. One of the examples of this is the Airtel Thanks Lite app – a lighter and faster version of Airtel Thanks app. Airtel Lite app is extremely easy to use, works on 2G connection, and takes up less storage space, making it accessible for everyone to use and enjoy its features.

Let us understand Airtel Lite app in detail.

  1. The Storage space: Airtel Lite app only takes up around 1 MB of the storage space of your smartphone. When compared to other similar applications like JioPOSH or Paytm, it is extremely less. The less storage space of the application translates to less consumption of battery power. Therefore, users can use it without any fear of losing a lot of battery power.
  2. Recharge options: The Airtel Lite app’s main feature is the option to recharge your phone and keep track of existing plans you have for your number. You can check out various available talk time plans and choose the right one for you. All the details including the price, validity, and free features of the plan are listed out clearly for the users to make an informed decision. Moreover, you can also check existing plans you have ongoing and the expiration date of the same.

    The app also keeps you updated on the data balance left in your data plan. You can check your 4G data balance or the daily limit MBs left on the app.

  3. The Entertainment factor: Airtel Lite app is not just about recharging or viewing plans, it also offers users a free subscription to Wynk Radio. It is a one-stop music platform featuring old and new songs for music lovers to enjoy.
  4. Airtel Payments Bank: The application supports the feature of Airtel Payments Bank for recharging your smartphone. You can link your bank with the Airtel Payments Bank or Airtel Money Wallet to pay for any kind of recharge.
  5. Compatibility: The application can run on any Android phone with Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system and above. The 4.1 OS was an older version of Android OS. It implies how users with an older version of Android phones and OS can make use of this app to recharge and enjoy its other features.
  6. Works on low internet connection: The application has a unique and limited feature with a small storage space. Therefore, users can run the app even on 2G network connection which is slower than the widely used 4G connection.

From checking your talk time plans to listening to the latest music, Airtel Lite app has something for everyone. It is perfect for individuals looking to find a secure app for just mobile recharges. All you need to do is head to the Play Store and find Airtel Lite app for quicker recharges in future.

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