Sycor, a Canadian Cable Manufacturer

Sycor Technology, which is based in Mississauga, Ontario, has been manufacturing and supplying cables and related products since its founding in 1981. Not only is its clientele spread across Canada, but this company has also become a worldwide leader in cabling products. It also prides itself on its quality customer service, on-time delivery and the guarantee of quality that it provides its customers.

Custom Cable Products

Sycor is also a custom cable manufacturer as it meets the specific needs of a wide variety of industries. Those at Sycor understand that, despite having an extensive inventory in Mississauga, sometimes a custom cable product needs to be manufactured instead, and it works with those customers to create the best fits possible for them.

Military Wire

One of the fields that often requires cables that can meet unique demands is military, and Sycor has a tremendous amount of experience meeting those demands. Perhaps an aircraft needs to be able to safely enter dangerous airspace time and again. How it’s cabled is an important aspect of its ability to do that, and Sycor ensures that those specified needs are being taken care of.

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