The Different Ways To Effectively Update HP Printer Driver For Windows

Printers enable converting a soft copy work into a hard copy to meet the various hard copy requirements. It is important to get the right quality printer to give the desired output. In addition, printers provide other services like photocopying to get duplicates and scanning to have a somewhat original duplicate. Driver Support optimizes and updates all personal computer (PC) hardware drivers to enable the PC to function at its best. The professionals catalog the device hardware systems and go through the manufacturer’s database to determine the drivers compatible with the client PC. The addition of an HP printer is one of the drivers that the professionals handle following clear set guidelines and procedures to ensure that the updates get made perfectly. The various ways to effectively add the HP printer driver update for windows include:

Using Device Manager

The procedure is a step-by-step process that starts the devices manager by holding the windows and key and pressing the R key. A dialogue box pops up where the professionals type “devmgmt.msc” to access the device manager. On the page showing up, the client gets advised to expand the category “Print Queues” or “Printer” to access the options. Right-click on the HP printers listed and click update driver on the menu on the category that shows. The fourth step involves clicking on the “search automatically” to update the hp drivers software, enabling the print driver’s installation. Restarting the computer is mandatory for the changes to get implemented, and the updated version gets activated.

Manual HP printer drivers download

The manual download gets accomplished using the HP support site, and it is essential to know a few details about the printer for proper guidance. The details enable the effective navigation of the site to the printers drivers section and run a search for the desired HP model. Once the hp drivers support site finds the desired printer, it loads the driver page enabling the selection of the correct installation package for the windows operating system. Several download options on the pages include Firmware, Software-ePrint, Utility-diagnostic tools, and full or basic driver packages. The successful file download requires the user to find the .EXE (executable) from HP and right-click it to run or double click the file. The final step is the installation to run and find the printer, but, on the downside, the tool doesn’t provide update notifications and requires further configuration for the printers to work well. Also, the process slightly varies depending on the Windows operating system used.

Automatic HP printer update with driver support

The driver support use is the most recommended process, enabling the drivers’ updates within the shortest time possible and requiring no computer skills. The first step involves downloading the driver support and installing the free trial, then leaving them to run the free scan to detect all the printer-related driver download issues and available optimization opportunities. The driver’s registration gets done by clicking on fixing it, and the update begins.

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