The Digital Defence: The New Level Of Security

Technology is growing at a blistering pace. The one that came yesterday is already outdated compared to the one today. That is the speed with which it is growing. Now the whole world is moving online. Everything, from a small business like food, handicraft, or clothes to the governments of the strongest nations, everyone has taken an online mode to keep up with the others.

So, if technology is growing for the positive, it is growing on the darker side too. As A result, it is giving rise to new risks every day. Therefore, we all need digital defence. The digital defence Singapore needs is crucial as Singapore is an open and well-connected online city-state. Singapore has a vast online presence. The city constantly connects everyone through networks.

Let’s learn more about the concept of digital defence concerning Singapore.

What Is Digital Defence?

Digital Defence is the efforts to increase protection against online threats. In addition, it is a mechanism to spread awareness about misinformation, phishing, and cyber-attacks.

The Governments Take:

The Singapore government feels that the threat of cyberattacks and the need for a defence to fight them is acute due to the well-connected nature. Also, the government’s aim to turn the country into a digital economy is only possible when it is secure, reliable, and trustworthy. Therefore, they have declared cybersecurity a mandatory training for the civil servants and have made audits for increasing infrastructure in this respect. Thus, establishing digital defence Singapore as the sixth pillar of defence.

Ways To Ensure Online Defence:

  • Practice cybersecurity habits: Awareness is always the key to avoid any mishaps. The same is necessary with cyber offences. People should be aware of the various kinds of threats prevalent online like scams, phishing, virus, etc. Use strong passwords and avoid clicking on links from unknown sources.
  • Stay Away From Fake News: With the advent of technology, fake news has always been prevalent and, this malpractice has only increased over the years. With online resources, it is even easier to spread false information. Thus people should learn to differentiate between fake and real.
  • It is our responsibility to improve our digital literacy. We should help the ones for whom this concept is alien-like the older members of our families and neighbours, who haven’t interacted a lot with the online mode.

Therefore, the digital defence Singapore government aims to achieve is possible only when the people are aware, responsible, and secure.

Final Words:

Many digital services have come into action. They will ensure that your data remains untampered, the extraction method is safe and sound. They provide forensics tools to ensure safety and transparency. So, join hands in the digital defence Singapore action plan.

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