The Expected Features of a Cell Phone Spy Application

In this age of technology, nothing seems to be impossible. Sitting in one corner of the city you have the scope to monitor the activities of another person’s cell phone. Yes, the mobile phone tracking and spying apps existing today can easily establish a remote connection with another device that is far away from you and monitors it closely. Once the device is connected to the spy software then all the information of the target phone can be tracked.

The basic features offered

Some of the basic features offered by the phone spy app of the major companies are as follows:

  • Monitoring the text messages – The spy app lets you track all the incoming and outgoing text messages. You can read the contents of the messages and even view the time and date sent and received.
  • Connect to the call log information – It lets you view the details of all the calls received and made by the target phone. Along with the phone numbers you can also see the call timings and duration.
  • The browsing history – This feature lets you see the list of all the websites visited by the user of the phone you are tracking.
  • GPS tracking – With its help you can track the mobile phone in real-time and see the movements of the phone.
  • Monitor emails – This program lets you track the e-mails both sent and received along with their contents and other details like date, sender etc.
  • The files stored on the device – This lets you sneak at all the personal files of the target phone like the photos, videos, calendars and contacts.

Few advanced features

Some of the advanced features that come against an extra cost in which you might be interested are:

  • Recording the calls – This allows you to record the conversation of the incoming or outgoing calls of the target phone. These downloaded calls can also be referred later on.
  • Monitor the message services – With it helps now you can monitor several message services like iMessage, WhatsApp, BB Messenger Viber.
  • Monitor the social media sites – With the help of certain extra packages, you can now monitor all the activities of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Control remotely –This is a very powerful feature where with the help of certain programs you can remotely start or stop the spy app, lock or unlock the target phone and even erase all data from the phone.
  • View and control apps installed – This helps you to see all the apps installed on the target phone and block them if you want. It proves to be useful when it comes to children.
  • Set alerts – You can now set up certain alerts against phone numbers or trigger words which when used will send you a prompt alert. Even this feature is useful for monitoring kids.

The steps to use

The steps to set up any phone spy app are very simple. Firstly, you need to download the software and install it on your smartphone. Now, that you have installed the software it will then start extracting the data regularly from the target phone. All you have to do is, login to your account and view all the information

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