Things To Know Before Buying USB Type C Adapters And Cables!

A number of products from brands like Apple, Samsung and Asus use the USB Type C port. Unfortunately, the same port isn’t available on many common devices and gadgets. To ensure that your devices are compatible with one another, you need adapters with the source being USB Type C.

Should I spend on a cable or a USB Type C adapter?

This is a matter of choice and also depends on the kind of products and gadgets you use. If you just want to connect two devices, you don’t need more than just a cable, but there’s no denying that adapters are much more functional and useful. You may also want to check the number of ports available, and if the adapter is meant for easy use with just ‘plug and play’ feature. The design of the adapter may not seem like a big thing, but it matters if you are going to use the product on a regular basis. With USB Type C adapters, it is important to check the speeds of each port. Some adapters may have a warranty, but most don’t. Keep in mind that any kind of port-shifting adapter should be used with utmost care, because these are meant for light use. Also, go for a good brand and seller, so that you are assured of the adapter’s durability.

Below are some of the other things worth noting about adapters and cables related for USB Type C port.  

  • Not all USB Type C cables and adapters are the same. As such, you need to find the right seller for such products. Electronic accessories are really cheap these days but buying one from the right company makes a huge difference. You can check PrimeCables USB Type C cable as an option to connect laptops with smartphones having Micro USB port.
  • Go online but check other aspects. Most of the better adapters can be found on online stores but do your homework. Sadly, many of the e-retailers don’t accept returns when the product has been sold.
  • Check for multiple use adapters. USB Type C port adapters should have a Gigabit Ethernet port, with considerably good network speed. Most buyers forget to check this very aspect that matters for networking connectivity. You also need a Type-C Charging Port, besides a HDMI charging port with resolution support up to 1920*1080. A USB 3.0 is also a must.

Check online now to find USB Type C adapters and cables!

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