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Tips on Ideas That Can Go Viral

Contents have been changing over the years form text only to the multidimensional shared medium including the quizzes and surveys, podcasts, webinars and infographics. You can use some contents from Cardinal Digital Marketing as a marketer to create natural backlinks. The process of brainstorming and selecting the correct content that will go viral is a vital task. Not all the contents will earn you natural backlinks and not all contents will go viral. We have compiled some the guidelines you can choose to earn you natural backlinks and go viral at the same time.

· Guides

Guides go viral as they are detailed and can solve problems for the readers. You can use guides to build email lists by sending free gifts, as a lead magnet, to earn you backlinks and for driving traffic from numerous channels. For your guide to go viral, it should be delivering excellent value to the readers and should never be promotional in nature.

· Video

Create non-promotional videos that can be linked and shared by many people. Refrain from creating videos that talk about your latest products’ features. It is predicted that by 2020, 80 percent of the consumer traffic will be attributed to the online videos. You can earn backlinks by making sure that the videos are on your website exclusively.

· Checklist

Checklists are easy to use even when solving complex problems. With the checklist from Cardinal Digital Marketing, one can add an important idea that is missing in the list and can be used by any industry and niches. Use word document, image, infographic or blog posts to reach a wide range of audience. Infographic and image checklists can be shared easily hence can go viral quickly. If the people love your checklist, your website will begin receiving natural backlinks.

· Solve a problem

Contents that solve problems stand out and have the potential of going viral and in the long run will get you backlinks. If you find a problem, make sure that the solution is within your webpage and the reader does not need to go to other sites for more details.

· Provoke responses

To make your site stand out and go viral, answer to a trend or an existing phenomenon. Use examples, statistics, and data. It will receive backlinks, attention, and exposure. It also drives traffic and promotes the positive discussion.

· Ten times better content

This idea is guaranteed to generate massive backlinks. The idea is to create contents that are ten times improved as compared to the proven best content ever published. Imagine what rank your content would be after a while. People will share, links and talk about your work creating massive traffic and backlink if you have ten times better content.

· Interviews

Interviews are brilliant contents ideas despite being underrated by many people. The interviewee, a celebrity, for example, will share the interview with their audience too making it easy for you to create traffic on your website. Apart from your audience, you will earn backlinks through the influencer’s audience and their friends.

In conclusion, your contents should be informative and valuable before you consider it going viral and earning you backlinks.  Visit the Cardinal Digital Marketing website because we have a team of experts that will make sure that your site goes viral and earns great backlinks.

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