Understanding Different Types Of Speakers For Home Theaters

A home theater speaker system is nothing but the complete setup of surround sound. It consists of all the required surround sound speakers. There is a variety of speakers home theater available in the market. In this guide, let us understand each of them briefly.

Center Channel Speaker

Typically, it is a wide speaker. The ideal location of these speakers is under or over the TV screen. It consists of high-quality speaker drivers. Moreover, it consists of standard speaker terminals for connection with AV.

Bookshelf Speaker

Bookshelf speakers are the commonly used home theater speakers by house owners. The name itself depicts that these speakers can easily be adjusted on a bookshelf, small speaker stands, or cabinet as well.

Floorstanding Speaker

Floorstanding speakers are also known as floor or tower speakers. These are the more specialized forms of speakers. The name suggests that these speakers have a solid base and can easily stand on the floor.

Subwoofer Speaker

The subwoofer is known as the big daddy of the speaker world. Smaller subwoofers are ideal if you have less space or don’t want to acquire more space. But if the aim is to shake the room with movie effects, then one should go for the larger model.

Satellite Speaker

Satellite speakers are the tiny speakers that the surround system uses. These speakers home theater also come in a variety of prices, sizes, and shapes. The compact satellite speakers can be hidden anywhere in the room. Whereas; the application of large ones is for enhanced frequency response.

Bipole And Dipole Speakers

These speakers are known for their unique designs. They have two speakers, both enclosed in 1 unit. The bipole and dipole speakers fire the sound effect in different directions. It does not create directional sound. These speakers are ideal for filling the entire field evenly with sound.

Elevation or Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker

The design of these speakers allows firing the sound in the upward direction. The sound from the elevation of the Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker reflects off the ceiling. These speakers come in 2 varieties: A module containing only an upward-firing speaker and an upward-firing speaker integrated into a standard forward-firing speaker.

In-ceiling Speaker

In-ceiling speakers are ideal if the requirement is to keep the speakers out of the way. These speakers are available on a budget with high quality.

In-wall Speaker

As the name suggests, the design of in-wall speakers allows them to fit into the wall vertically. These speakers look very professional and elegant. The owner can locate and hide them anywhere in a room.

Wireless Speaker

People are addicted to using wireless devices these days. The invention of wireless speakers follows the same trend. There are many options for wireless speakers available in the market.


With this, it is clear that there is no shortage of varieties in speakers for home theaters. Each of them has its specific features, size, and price range. Every consumer can select the home theater speaker according to their requirements.

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