Understanding Pivot Tables: Benefits And Beyond!

Business decisions are based on facts and data, and it goes without saying that data analytics is a critical and important aspect for businesses around the world. Gathering data on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is not enough, unless a company is capable of deriving meaningful conclusions out of it. A pivot table is essentially a tool that allows a user to get ready information for further analysis. If you are wondering what is a pivot table and how your company can take the advantage of this tool, here are some quick tips for help.

Do we really need pivot tables?

Pivot tables are extremely important for contemporary businesses that are constantly focused on data for almost every decision. Yes, you can create traditional tables on Excel, but it doesn’t always add clarity to the data.  The management can rely better on pivot tables because the data is more compact and comes in a format that readable and allows the user to see trends, necessary information, and related aspects that matter for taking a business decision. Using pivot table is not just about data consolidation, but also about navigation, because users can access the details that they need.

A bird view of company information

For every single decision, managers have to go back to statistical data, and relying on thousands of spreadsheets is complicated. Pivot tables are now being used by diverse software solutions as an added tool that works for small and big businesses alike. While there are other solutions and tools that help in statistical analysis, there is no denying that pivot tables are more accessible, economical, and effective, especially for small companies and growing businesses that cannot afford to invest in other tools.

Final word

There is no denying that pivot tables are handy, and some of the best online database software solutions are endorsing this option. What makes this a great tool is the ease of use, because it doesn’t take any time to come up with accurate, compact tables that summarize large volumes of data. To know now you can use a pivot table better, you have to find a company that offers assistance with their software and can demonstrate how this tool can help your business in particular.

This could be the ultimate resource for your managers, who often have to create weekly and monthly reports in a hurry and don’t want to make manual mistakes that can be easily avoided.

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