What Is A Single Board Computer, And What Is Its Importance?

Technological inventions are becoming more and more powerful every passing day. In the computer world, single board computers have created quite a buzz with their unique features and impressive configurations. They are tiny in size, but one can do all the activities that are usually done on a regular desktop or personal computer. A single-board computer (SBC) design differs from a personal computer. The features of SBCs are well-integrated and more reliable, and robust. Continue to read to explore more.

What is a single-board computer?

As the name suggests, this type of computer is made on a single circuit board. It has all the essential features like USB, serial ports, audio outputs, and peripherals. But all of them are embedded on a single board. They are more reliable and robust than multi-board computers.

What are the advantages of an SBC?

An SBC comprises only one circuit board which is more compact and efficient than standard computers. An SBC user can have multiple benefits over a standard computer. Read the points mentioned below to get a clear idea of the unique components.

Less power consumption: Regular desktops or standard computers consume much power, increasing the utility bill. But a single board computer will use less power as no extra components are required for the essential operation. Those who want to save their energy bill may consider purchasing an SBC.

Easier to work with: When someone is facing troubleshooting issues or making updates, these computers are easy to work with. The user needs not deal with multiple boards since only one integrated circuit exists.

Affordable option: The single board computers cost less than a standard computer, which includes too many circuits that people do not use. Students, startups, or anyone on a low budget, may consider buying an SBC. There are no extra components that will increase the cost of the device.

Easy to set up: People can use it for domestic, hobbyist, or professional uses. It is super easy to set up an SBC, as the devices have no complications. The most exciting part is that the SBCs offer a longer lifespan than desktop computers.

Ideal for harsh environments: A single-board computer is better resistant to shock and vibration. They are travel-friendly and generate less heat while using. One can use them easily in harsh weather. The SBCs are the future of computers that engineers strive to make more convenient.


After knowing the advantages of SBCs, it is essential to know which one to purchase. There are several reputed manufacturers in the market selling a series of single board computers compatible with a variety of operating systems. Before buying any one of them, make sure to check all the features in advance. One can also seek suggestions from family and friends. Make sure to select a reliable platform if the purchase process is online.

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